Spend As You earn, Life Is Too Short |Worst Advice You Heard/Seen In Your Work| Day 3 Blogging Challenge

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I kind of love the day 3 blogging challenge topic because it really span through a lot and also affect almost everyone financially who believe in this kind of advice. The worst advice I ever heard of or seen is this saying that goes thus “ Earn As You Spend, Life Is Too Short”. I do hear people saying this almost all the time especially when they have some cash with them which they can really make use of in getting something that can still be bringing incomes for them in the future, and the shocking part is that, this is now affect our young generations life because they now have deep believe in this advice

I actually don’t know who started that kind of advice or why people can just sit and think that way and at times I do wonder if this kind of advice or lifestyle is also been held to in other country. At times when I see this kind of people living the lifestyle they barely cant afford and also living higher than their income, I laugh because most do it because they lack knowledge about some certain things and forget about their future and also neglect the adage that says “We Shouldn’t Eat With Our Ten Fingers”.

If you can ruminant on that adage, you will understand a lot of things. To me I do feel like what is affecting people the most is ignorance and if care isn’t taken, it will have huge negative effect on generations to come. As a working class receiving some amount as wages or salary, how do you want to account for things you worked for when you started cultivating this spend and you earn habit, you will see them, people with nothing living rich people lifestyles, buying expensive cloth and all sort of things when the real rich people are business living a low life and investing most of their capital into investments that will yield returns for them in future.

I was going through a post one day and I came across this statement, “if you desire to purchase something or spend, make sure to earn twice the amount first, save/invest a part and spend the other part”, it is actually a good statement because it can boost your saving/investing lifestyle of make you think twice before purchasing things that are at times not tangible to you. The saying spend as you earn is really a worst advice I would advice people to desist from because it can help you but instead wreck you if care isn’t taken. Don’t spend more than your earning or even save/invest a larger part and do as you please with the rest.

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I prefer the path of investing and make sure I have cash available if something happens.

19.11.2020 00:49

One must really need to also discipline and cautious his or her spending habits

19.11.2020 01:25

yes or else the person might eat his future without knowing

19.11.2020 13:38

I met somebody who said some thing similar some years back. The truth is that you should just stick with the principles that works for you.

19.11.2020 13:08

yes and also watch your spending habit

19.11.2020 13:39

Greetings @valchiz.

An interesting content that you bring us in this occasion, in some opportunities I have been able to listen to words like spend what you earn since we don't know what the future has in store for us, however, I think that it is not a wise advice since we must be prepared economically at any time since we constantly have difficulties in our day to day.
Thank you for sharing such extraordinary content with all of us.

19.11.2020 16:55

Hello friend, I also support you, it is a bad advice the truth, we have to have another vision of the money, certainly it was made to obtain other things but we must do it intelligently, to invest is something that can generate us much more, so we should think in a future and to have a good use of him.

19.11.2020 20:00

This is a very common advice in this region but a smart person will not rely on that advice for long.

20.11.2020 18:39