Sliver Spoon Movie Review


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Today is another new day, I had to download a nollywood movie today to clear my boredom, if I have to watch it directly from youtube, I will be wasting a lot of data. The movie was really interesting, it was titled “The New Driver And The Arrogant Single Boss Lady” but I don’t think that is the real title, the real title is "Sliver Spoon". I thought the particular guy was really a driver but he wasn’t. A particular actress draw me to the movie in person of Sophia Alakija. Sit down while you read the review.

There is this particular guy who was from a poor family, not really that poor and was employed as a personal assistant to the daughter of a rich man who was heading a company. On his first day, his mum prayed for him which delayed him and when he resumed at work, he was referred to a lady in the office to take him around but the moment he saw her, he was in love (love at first sight) without knowing the particular lady was his boss. I was even thinking how will he be flirting on his first day at work, after he did his first task and was about to submit it to the boss, that was when he realized she was the boss, he couldn’t speak or do anything and she later turn to an annoying person who always get on his nerve all the time.

Fast forward to this particular day, he was notified late so he booked some reservation in a hotel for two but there was a mixed up somewhere and the reservation was for one. She was angry with him and he had to find somewhere to stay and complete the proposal while she use the room. Things turn the other way when she saw her boyfriend from a rich family with another woman in the hotel, she couldn’t take it and she eventually got drunk and from there story change. She kissed the guy (and you know the guy already has feelings for her) but he left the room and she became that annoying being towards him.

There was this particular day, the guy couldn’t take it anymore and he decided to quit on their way back from somewhere and eventually the both confessed and spark up their relationship from there. It was a good fight but at last it worth fighting for. Lot of troubles from her ex boyfriend, parents, or the setup from the guy neighbor (were they dating before !!!) Find Out How The End It.

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