Rove Foam Roller - The 'Rove' Foam Roller Flattens for Easy Portability

Rove Foam Roller

The 'Rove' Foam Roller Flattens for Easy Portability


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Hunter's comment

Athletes always find it very difficult to be able to stretch out their tough muscles the way they like anywhere and anytime because foam rolling helps a lot but foam rollers which is one of the instrument to use aren't portable, so they have to always go back home first before carrying out the exercise. But not anymore because tech are developed everyday.

Rove made is easier for athletes to be able to take their foam rollers anywhere and anytime because it is develop using several interlocking segments which allows it to be able to roll into cylinder or even a rectangular shape.


  • it is easy to use
  • very portable and movable
  • easy and gratifying


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