Primrose - I come to you today unhealthy as a disease
Supposing the world has gone - if I can't see anymore
Sonorous under the fervent wheel of many memories
This is my journey - an African dancer with a claymore

Primrose - I come to you thisday as pissed off as death
In my error, I truly loved you, the past holds no sorrow
But I have been poisoned to seek for mine upon earth
Day by day - I bask in sunny beams, from Kilimanjaro

Primrose - I am longing for the city, missing the town
The Lamentations of a weary traveler, and conscience
Casting off to far off shores, my soul hungers to drown
I'm stuck in traffic, my passionate art grown to science

Primrose - the cigarettes of the frail men ascends me
And joy feels like a crown on my head like Abdullaziz
A heavy penny from my fingertip fallen in a deep sea
Sweeping the furthest regions of thoughts on stories

Primrose - at night down sunlight crashes around me
And the spirit of the Lord descends - from the clouds
On the path of glory - reaching out to light so dreamy
Singing a sovereign elegy, for both humans and gods.

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