October Is Almost Over


October is almost over - and dreams are closing in
Perishing darkness covering the world like winter
Full circle, another year has gone by on everything
And the clock is still moving quickly like a sprinter

Splendor seeking - the crimson deepens on me too
And I can recognize brightly - last deep dark hours
Still on a lookout for my salvation - like a cockatoo
Memories lighting old and bleak like dying flowers

And October is almost over and the roof is caving in
Tears healing the injuries - that we can never touch
Missing the tides of yesterday, the stories on my skin
Sympathetic with discontentment, sleep is a crutch

My mind beginning to open to away different skies
Feeling half joy, half pain, emotions burn my cheek
And magnificently I am clouding - still very unwise
Famine of thought and strength, I'm growing weak

And October is almost over, and failure is falling in
Life's wine - is running thin - the breeze softly tells
We're winding to a slow grand age like bottled gin
And I can feel the war breaking out deep in my cells

Still crouched by gay gravity - the night approaches
And the once luscious skin of a boy has grown pale
And the breasts of a girl have fallen like avalanches
Everyday that passes away becoming a lost fairytale.

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17.10.2019 22:50