Nigeria Defeated By Algeria: Akpeyi And Ndidi Receiving The Blame

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I realized human can never be satisfied no matter how good you do or how bad you behave, if you make a good turn they might praise you or give the comment that you suppose to do more because it is your duty, but once the table turn around, they will start blaming and blasting the person.

The news going up and down about Nigeria blaming Akpeyi and Ndidi for making mistakes during the quarter final match with Algeria is really turning to something else, well we never expect it but this is football, anything can happen. Tables turn, this guys really try their best, they just ran out of luck. From their first match till they reach quarter final, really Kudos to them. Even though I didnt watch the last match, I checked the highlights. The deed is done already, they only need to practice more and get better and we all need to support them every time. what do you think?

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You are very correct. Emotions are always running high with expectations. We pray for better times anyways

17.07.2019 20:03

I dont feel good that night, i just have to go to bed early.. I was not expecting the defeat

03.08.2019 22:03

I feel our our payer relax too much buy playing defending game on the second half

03.08.2019 22:04