My Nomination Towards The Steemit Awards 2020


The steemit Awards is really a great initiative and also will serve as encourage to the nominated members and everyone in general to be able to do and contribute more to the growth of the steemit community in general which should be our priority on this platform. Am here to take part and nominate.

Best Contributor To The Steemit Community

in this aspect, i will be nominating @crypto.piotr He is one man i truly value and respect a lot, he is contributing a lot to the steemit community with everything he is capable of doing, he is one of the reason why most users still exist on the platform because no matter what happen he is ready to support and encourage them.

Best Community

This nomination goes to project-hope community which is one of the very active community on steemit and they are not backing down no matter what because they are here to stay. they help in bring in new members, encourage and support them while they write articles related to what the community support. you can check out the community to see they activities going on.

kudos to @steemitblog for hosting these awards which give us the chance to nominate who we seem fit and deserve it.

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You have said it right!

04.01.2021 06:43

Dear @valchiz

I would like to thank you for your supportive nomination. Appreciate it greatly.

Stay safe buddy :)
Cheers, Piotr

04.01.2021 09:22

Well said and deserve. You picked the right choice. The projecthope community has proven to show itself as one of the top community on steemit

04.01.2021 11:47

Strongly agree with you, the nominees are excellent and they deserve all the support and awards.

04.01.2021 15:38