My 2019: Achievements And Failure: Year Of Breaking Limit


Been a while I sat down to write a post after for #sportstalk post, I was scrolling through my feeds when I saw the contest and It really nice to participate in the on going contest organized by @blocktrades which is titled "achievements and failures" throughout the year 2019.

2019 have been a wonderful year so far with lot of ups and down, there is no year actually without positive and negative effect on humans but first let me give glory to God Almighty for keeping us alive till this presently moment, Hale and hearty, many wish to be alive today but base on one reason or the other they can't make it, but here we are alive and still participating in contest. Let me start from the positive part before starting the negative ones. This year I was able to invest a lot even when things aren't going well for me as a student, before I join steemit platform few years back, I have been struggling to survive because am the first male in the family and I have lot of responsibilities to cater for and also was in the university, school fees issues and lot of expenses, I wasn't able to save or invest the reward I made on most social platforms because I have to sort out lot of things to be able to survive, different issues start coming up and before I realize it, I wasn't able to point out if I have any tangible savings or investment somewhere but early this year, which was my final year in sch ( Already done and waiting for final clearance), I made up my mind and shut my eyes to even expenses and was determine to at least invest the little I can because I learnt a lot from different steemians that investment always save a lot.

It is really a good thing to have an investment which will give u back some rewards gradually instead of spending which will bring back nothing as reward. Glory be to God, I have different stake on different tribes on the steemit platform especially sportstalk because I so much love the platform and it really make move closer to sport and also to exercise myself and have been able to help many with my upvote and also trying to tell others about the tribe because I have more sport friends who will be delight to join the platform and thereby join steemit also. One of my best achievement so far.

Another achievement this year, I was able to graduate successfully without any carryover course or spill over, this can hinder student journey in the university and can lead them to spend lot of expenses, have to start borrowing different course to fill up the space. I thank God and also thank God for others.

The Sad Part:

Have been trying my best to set up a business for my mum at least to be able to boost her financially because she really try for us in every way, but I still couldn't fulfill that aspect, it saddens my heart and I will have to make it my 2020 plan and pray to God I should be able to turn my wish to reality. I know setting up a business for her won't be an easy task because am not working yet and am still waiting for my NYSC but next year, I keep hoping for the best. And I also faced some challenges both minor and major, broke down financial to the extent of me thinking different things, at time I will have this spirit that will just be telling me, why investing every money you came across, can't you spend them on yourself, don't you want to enjoy life like other people around me but no, I turn deaf ear to it, things might not be ok now, they will in the future.

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