Leofinance In Two Years Time: Are You Still Doubting Till You Miss When Price Is Till Affordable


This year 2020 is one of my blessed year so far because I can boldly say it is the year that kickstart my investment life since I graduated from school this year which put a stop to me using my blogging rewards to sponsor my school expenses and now giving me the opportunity to invest with the little capitals I have and also with my blogging reward. Yesterday night, I was on leofinance website, reading post of some leo users and was amazing how knowledgeable they were, and I started thinking how can someone like us come in as a writer, am not that good with finance writeup but I know it worth it giving it a try.

While lost in thought, something else came to mind, participating in leo community doesn’t mean you should be a writer alone, why not as an investor and at least start from somewhere. I decided to check the currently price and that lead to the status I posted last night image below


What is your view about leo token within the next two years (before 2022) with this space the leo train is moving, token price is gradually increasing and it has surpass the price of hive token and soon it will worth 2hive per 1 leo token. We all are waiting for the day leo will hit $0.5 - $1 which is very possible but let me throw this question to you, will you still be doubting the community or you will join the train when you can.

leo .jpg

this is how most coin started and leo is currently on a strong uptrend with more buying order coming in daily, the daily volume is something we can also take a look at, one reason you should take hold of the opportunity while you still can before it hit the next targeted price. what are your plans?

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Time to key in. It will be bad to miss out

22.11.2020 20:05