Is Content Creating Simple Or Never Easy


Over the years and recently, content creating has gained a lot of relevance in the business world and practically everywhere. Especially in the competitive market, producers, companies and everyone trying to generate revenue know how important content creating is. Content creating is the creating of information or entertainment on target topics and ideas that appeal to your buyer persona which can take different forms either visual or written forms and must be accessible to your audience. Content creating can take different forms like eBooks, tweets, videos, articles, blogs, info graphics or many other formats.

Content marketing is not really something anyone could just pick up and make awesome contents but rather a very interesting skill. Not a skill you can directly get a degree in and get a job like doctors or engineers but rather an artistic skill. Content creating is usually done by copywriters, designers and editors, programmers, community managers and experts in different marketing firms. As an individual with no skill off course content creating would seem complicated and difficult but an expert would find content creating quite easy. One can only become a good content creator with practice, persistence, strategy, hard work and energy. A lot of people mistake content creating with traditional forms of marketing and so scare potential customers off with bogus marketing skills and overselling the product. But when content marketing is done exquisitely it is a marketing practice that attracts potential customers as well as ROI.

If you are new to content creating, understanding what content creating is really about is crucial. Content can be found everywhere, when we search on Google for certain topics that is content, news stories, video tutorials on how best to feed your mice, instagram feeds are all contents we consume. They keep us informed, entertained, engaged, guides or decisions, provide solutions and more. To create content, first you have to know your audience, what they want, what their challenges are, their fears, obstacles and their interest. They are not robots that you feed anything you want them to consume but rather humans and as humans the constant need for connection is real. That is why your content must appeal and connect to your audience. To do this creating buyer personas that is profile of your potential audience which will help understand better what type of content to create and put you in their shoes.

Ideas for content creating can come from anywhere, especially customer feedbacks or the legendary ‘keyword’ research using search engines to help identify what the audience is all about and how to get their attention. Determining the form your content will take is the next step, that is figuring what way would attract and appeal to more people including your style, tone and even teasers if it is in written form. After comes editing and making sure it’s time and interest worthy. There are different tools for content creating which include Canva, Giphy, SurveyMonkey and many others. When content creating is maximized it is a great tool of marketing, business growth and revenue generation.

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Hello friend, the truth is that content creation is important on these platforms, we must always stay motivated and in constant search of information, so that our minds do not turn off. Sometimes it is not easy as you say, but I think that the one who wants to can get it. Greetings!

31.12.2020 02:24