I Believe To Understand


Dragging my feet, through the market square
At Amassoma, heading home in a very cold air
Stained glasses - reflecting the last rays of sun
The evening world approaches, the day's gone

In my deepest gray thoughts, I label it solitude
As the familiar shapes of business, continued
A most wonderful scene, to a dreaming mind
Of dark skies, and of smoky rooftops, unkind

The eternal images of dull familiar strangers
In the ride of existence - we're all passengers
I believe to understand - I'll find God if I seek
Through wisdom and knowledge, every week

The desires that build up, in my bloodstream
Everlasting emotions that drive like a stream
The elements of night and day - passing away
A splendor of most enduring things on a gway

I believe to understand, in deep grey thoughts
When vapors roll down, the little green plants
Thinking again and again - growing still, dull
Rising between stars and sun - a mind so tidal.

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08.10.2019 23:19