Healthy Competition And How It Helps Us All


According to Suzuki Association , healthy competition is the interaction between individuals that promotes and foster striving for higher achievements yet creates an environment where everyone in the group hopes that everyone will do well rather than wish that others fail. Everyone has and will continue to be in one competition or the other no matter what age or stage you find yourself. Right from the moment we were conceived i.e the fastest spermatozoa to the moment we take our first step we have been in competitions all our lives whether we noticed or not. These is why some parents shy away from competition in a bid to protect their children from failure or disappointment but that's bound to happen whether you allow it or not and that is where healthy competition comes in by helping people learn while eliminating the need for blood.

A competition can only be healthy when everyone is routing for each other and doesn't derive joy from seeing others fail like in the Squid game. But this stems from the mindset of the players because it goes a long way in determining just how healthy the competition would be for everyone. Unlike in unhealthy competitions, healthy competition has so much benefits for individuals even if they don't work as teams.

One of such is the fact that it helps improve both social and emotional intelligence. Just like I noted previously, healthy competition eliminates the joy an individual would have derived in seeing others fail thereby creating a sense of empathy and team spirit in individuals. Helping to build relationships easily among people whether they are in a workplace, school environment that would have taken forever or become impossible to build. For children healthy competition helps them gain emotional and social intelligence that would help them build relationships easily no matter where they happen to find themselves because they have been in healthy competition spaces and have seen how people are first hand.

It also teaches people how to deal with wins or losses. There have been scenarios where people went crazy when they didn't win or try to cheat but in healthy competitions people understand better how to deal with losing and winning because the competition is safer and fairer. The fear of being eliminated or treated unfairly is out and so they won't feel the urge to do bad things in other to win at all cost thereby they learn or are forced to take things the way they come even if they don't win. This way they can learn easily from their mistakes and strive to be better in a healthy way.

It creates a safe and fun space for people to thrive. Sometimes competition shouldn't be about winning alone but also to have fun and grow in a safe environment. Every individual is unique and the extra benefits a healthy competition offers can be unique to every individual. What A derives from an healthy competition might not be what E and G derive but it's fine and it allows room for individuals to grow while having fun. For some it could help increase their mental alertness and others it could give them that character or personal boost they have always wanted. And that is why a good competition is good for everyone as long as you play by the rules.

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One thing that I have noticed over time is that healthy competition helps one to improve in a space because it helps as a driving force to improve. Healthy competition but most times people didn't make use of healthy competition

12.10.2021 10:08

I must say that healthy competitions help us to bring out the best in us. However, we should focus more on competing with our own personal best, and try to be better than ourselves. This is the kind of competition that ultimately makes one to be better.

Nice piece buddy. Thanks for sharing

12.10.2021 13:26