Goaltycoon: Valchiz FC Draw With Asquarejay Fc


Should I saw today online goaltycoon football match between asquarejay FC and valchiz FC (me) is something I didnt expect. I was expecting to lose the match and probably fall from 3rd place on the ranking table to something like 5th but really happy am still maintaining my third place. Really sad about my players, most of them sustained injuries during the matches and don't really have extra players to cover for them. You can see from the image below,


4 players down and no sub for them. At times I always feel like just entering the game and give the players treatment myself. Even with a weak defender, I still draw the match. So so happy, thanks to Phone Aizeboje and Samuel teddy. They wont relent no matter what and also my formation and strategy is good.

Now looking forward to the next march between valchiz FC and Utoh, am hoping I win this match

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