GoalTycoon Online Football Game: Received Some Beating From The Mo


Even though I wasn't really a football fan, I still engage myself with some sport activities especially football through games and the rest. That was what actually led me to goaltycoon an online football game. Yesterday I had a match with The Mo, we both qualified during the last season. Most of my players suffered injuries so I couldn't use them.

The Mo GS was around 130+ before the match while mine was around 70+, was really amazed that I could score 3 goals because I was expecting 5 goals down. Like he will beat the hell out of me. Presently looking forward to today's match and am already smelling victory.

Let me use this to welcome myself to the Sport Talk Social Community.

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14.07.2019 12:19

This game look nice, i will try it out

03.08.2019 21:59

I will like if we can have a game play too

03.08.2019 22:00