Goaltycoon Match Update: Got Defeated Today


My heart got saddensm today after I was beaten by Dafidi FC during today football match. I never expect it but he has a stronger team than me and a higher GS. I also understand I can't be winning everyday, lolz. We always have to prepare for the worst such is life. Thanks to Samuel Teddy for scoring a goal and preventing me to be defeated with 2 goal down. My formation is always 4-3-3 aggressive. That always keep my GS high.


Check out my players, imagine how tough it will be having 4 of your best players suffering from injuries and it will take time for them to heal up. I wish I can just have this healing ability or figure out a way to heal them. Lolz, let keep seeing how it will go. Looking forward to tomorrow's match

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19.07.2019 08:56

lol, it seem tge game is getting more intresting

05.08.2019 22:55

Yes it is, at times to kill boredom

06.08.2019 07:40