Goaltycoon Match Update: An Outstanding Performance


Have you ever have this feelings or thought that you might lose something if you didn't set it right, yes most do have those kind of feelings or thought. That was the kind of thought I had yesterday before the goaltycoon football match between my team (valchiz FC) and Utoh. I was made to understand for the start that the higher our game score (GS), the chance of you winning the match and am always so scared anytime the GS of my opponent is far more greater than my own.

30mins before the match, I had to drop the game I was playing and decided to login to the goaltycoon platform and I was so shocked, see the opponent GS and also my players health are in the critical state. 90 GS is so too much for me to beat, and I don't have other outstanding player on my team. I need to quickly reset the match bonus and also the season bonus to increase my GS and also move back to defensive instead of my normal offensive. So my GS moved up a little, I also change a player and it work and I was around 87 GS. To me, I still need to do things to push it further but there is nothing I can do. So I had to leave it with the hope that either he beat the hell out of me or we draw the match. No hope for winning.


After the end of the match, I decided to check out the result, I was so shocked that I won, as in I really won the match with a goal defeat. I was so happy, what it I lost, won't I lose my position on the ranking table. Really the game is really interesting, have never coach a match before or strategize a football match before but with goaltycoon, am really in for it.

You can always tryout Goaltycoon.com and enjoy the football game.

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Goaltycoon the best football manager of our time

17.07.2019 00:57

Yes o. It is and really interesting

17.07.2019 01:03

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17.07.2019 02:45

Didn't know about Goaltycoon.com is that a fantasy football site? Regards mate!

17.07.2019 17:21

Yes it is one of the interesting online football game I know

17.07.2019 17:28

Yes it is one of
The interesting online
Football game I know

                 - valchiz

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