Finding Time For Yourself In Business


In a bid to provide for ourselves and our loved ones we loose ourselves in the ever busy business world. When the business first hit the road we had plans to just make profits enough to keep body and soul together but with time this magnificent idea birthed a long string of profit and in turn more work. Out of fear that others won't be able to handle our business the way we would, we find ourselves doing everything and being everywhere. The family we wanted to provide the best for begin to see less of us and perhaps can't even catch a glimpse of us due to busy schedules and strings of business to manage.

Apart from family you can barely even make out time for yourself and you begin to feel like a slave. A slave to the very business that was meant to be subject to your every beck and call. You can barely recall your birthday or the last time you sat for an hour doing nothing. Just like medics will say "find time to rest or your body will find a very uncomfortable time for you" that's if you aren't in your grave yet.

In my previous article about business and productivity I talked about the fact that taking breaks and time to relax from the hustle can cause a significant boost in your creativity and productivity. For business moguls or even new entrepreneur I am sure that would sit well with you as long as it's good for business but what about other benefits that don't include your business profiting from.

Personally, taking time to rest from numbers and calculation will help your mental health as well as your mind. Your mind is really the center of it all, the sear of your thoughts and actions you will take later in the future. Without a relaxed and healthy mind you are heading for a mental collapse. Your mind is not a robot that you can work all the time. Yeah now you are thinking "I have my mind under control " but really do you?

Out of the mind comes all sort, before one commits suicide one thinks about it first as well as other self harming activities. When your mind is over worked you'll begin to find an escape and you will even if it might be drugs or alcohol or even loosing it. Taking breaks, going on vacations may seem luxurious but it is the luxury your mind needs. A break from it all so it can boost and rest and off course better prepared to take on more.

If vacations are overrated to you then what about staying home all day and indulging in activities that make you happy. Perhaps you thinking well money makes me happy, well if it does then you need help. You should learn to be happy irrespective of money or material things. You could dance in your apartment, have fun with your spouse or children or perhaps even friends. It will boost your mental health drastically and in turn your mood and mind.
The need to balance to balance your personal time with business time is very important. Perhaps all I listed above might not be your thing, all you have to do is figure out what works for you even if its cooking or trimming flowers. Whatever it is, find time for yourself and chill because in the end your business still profits.

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Love this.

20.12.2020 01:39

Hello friend, I agree, not everything in life can be work, we must live it in many ways and one of them is to share with our loved ones and devote free time for us, to nourish our mind and body. Thank you for sharing, greetings!

20.12.2020 03:41

In as much as one struggle for better life in business way, one must always find time to rest, have time to get free and also have time for families because working all day without not creating time for oneself can be bad at times and not a good choice

20.12.2020 11:23