Females Football Match: Pharmacology Defeat Anatomy In The Football Match


Today is the final match day for the 5 aside female football competition which started some days ago, the first match was between Anatomy department and Physiology department, the match went well and physiology were defeated with a goal down by the anatomist which give them the opportunity to face pharmacology in the final match which was live today at Batoro field.

You can see the two teams in the image above after the football match. The match was 2:1 where pharmacology defeat anatomy. The match was fun and we all enjoy the view, you can imagine how fun, funny it will be when females were playing football, all of them were running in one direction almost colliding with each other, even the keepers couldn't catch the ball well. We give thanks to God Almighty, no injury.


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20.07.2019 15:06

Great boss

21.07.2019 09:29