Entreprevational Week: Are You Always Prepared For What Is Coming Ahead


Now weekend is over and we are now in a new week, time to rise and go to your work places, how are you all doing and I hope your weekend was enjoyable and did you took that rest. I would have love to talk about another topic this morning but this particular title keep coming up to my mind with one particular examples. I don’t know maybe there is someone out there that really need the words.

Are you always prepared for what is coming ahead, we all know that there is session for everything in this life because life is full of up and down, when things will go well and when things will go the other way round, but what are you plans during the storm times, will you be able to take you stand or will the storm blow you off your feet. I still remember this popular story we were told when we were young, a bible story about the 10 virgins who were waiting for the lords, according to the story, 5 were wise because they took extra oil with them in case if they have to wait for long and their lamp oil finish, so they can easily replace it but the other 5 were not, they never care if anything can happen or should I say they neglect what is to come and were thinking everything will keep running forever so they didn’t bother to take extra oil. Unfortunately for them, they have to wait for long and their lamp die off, so they went to get extra oil and miss the opportunity to move with the bridegroom.

Do you know this story really relate to some entrepreneurs out there, they don’t prepare for the worse part of their business, no backup plans, no maintenance or savings to keep that business growing, most always keep thinking since their business is already booming, they don’t need to worry again that things will keep going well. Negligence kills business faster, that is one reason most business have to shut down anytime they face difficulties because they have no backup plans on ground.

So let me ask you, do you have that backup plans in case things turn other way round, life is a risk so also is the entrepreneur journey.


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Comments 3

Hmmmm. You are right. Some entrepreneur did not always prepare for what is ahead and so no backup to fall or lean unto when these things later come later in the business

28.09.2020 14:56

planning is very important and always have savings, vision of the future and a clear strategy to be able to move forward and be protected.

28.09.2020 16:22

You are very right, everyone should pray for the best but also prepare for the worse because it is very possible for things not to go our way all the time.

01.10.2020 12:55