Come Along With Me


Come along with me - evening approaches
And the wind is like a rock wall against me
I am so slender and tired my heart twitches
A cruel adventure floods my blood like a sea

Bare your wise head on fading sun no more
Love long wanderings have brought us here
Doubting - I used to search love on the floor
But cured, I look unto you now without fear

So come along with me - death approaches
And believing - I am tuned to a July sunset
When you made me shiver like cockroaches
When soul visited the moon without a rocket

Whisper truth softly to sad pillows no more
I am a gentleman of a far much higher creed
Along an arid wilderness and a fleeing shore
A tireless quester, if you open heart to be freed

So come along with me - eternity approaches
And the wind is blowing like a rock wall - still
A lonely night song upon my mind encroaches
And I can not get back to reality without a pill

Catch the last sound of the night rain no more
In my arms the sky is a blanket, and lips a sea
Let's pinch emotions into the world, with love
With enthusiasm I wait, come along with me.

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21.10.2019 21:58