Bull Run Or No Bull: Are We Now In Alt Session

Just checking out coinmarketcap and I was somehow happy at what I saw, we all know for the past few days bitcoin have been in a selfish mood by dominating the market, increasing while most altcoin keep dripping and even some reach their lower low which wasn’t a good thing to most investors. I still know how some of my friends pull out and sold most of their tokens when they realized they were losing too much from the dips but checking it out now, most alts are now regaining some of their lost grounds.

Some alt I actually check out were


Litecoins which was around $46 some months ago and even went that much more lower than that, I actually check out the price charts and I realized something, ltc always deep mostly in the first few months of each year (According to chart) and at the latter month before the year will end, it always pick back up, now litecoin is currently around $71 that is around $25 for those who are patience enough and currently waiting if it can hit $100 maybe before 2020 will run out


Waves on the other hand really do me bad and I had to pull out when I was in need of capital for other investment lolz, it actually took it close to 5-6 month before it reach $5 today, it was moving up and down $3 for 5-6month. One thing I actually love about trading, it do teach you this kind of patience you even cant imagine you can have and if you aren’t careful enough you will pull out before you even gain anything and you might pull out in loss


The coin am gradually watching is Pancake which actually drip from 1$ to 0.2$, some people really pull out because of the loses but to me the coin still have some good potential and it allow users to stake their cake which they receive reward in cake and they can also stake the cake token to farm other tokens like twt, broobee, hard and so you can farm some tokens by providing liquidity. Quite interesting for those that has deep knowledge about farming. We all are patiently waiting for the alt bull run like what happen in 2017. Am really expecting it but before then, we should enjoy while waiting

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Hi @valchiz
There is really a lot of enthusiasm around the BTC. It has become much more established than the other cryptocurrrencies.
I hope there will be a really good price increase, although it has certainly gone up and put many to win. This is the reality.

17.11.2020 01:23

good article, one of the coins that I like the most is LTC as you say this is the moment to invest and wait for the bullfight

17.11.2020 04:45