Being Mortal Is A Gift


you should have to be desperately in love with life
and so blind that you can-not see the flaws of men
if you want to know, how to make music like a fife
for the cloud of color and peace will rise only then

accept your mistakes - they make you who you are
crafting scars upon your skin, history in your vein
it is never that complicated, just seek self from afar
and remember nothing's yours, not even your name

you should never worry your thoughts with death
for of course everyone of us is going beneath a tree
and to the countryside, we travel with every breath
so dream beauty to existence - and you will be free

and in your period of inactivity let your mind walk
upon far-away destinations bathing a golden light
being mortal is a gift - listen to the trees, wind, talk
swiftly passing is the world, but you will be alright

all desires this day are visited, but do dissect yours
for the effects of sunshine, are felt even at nightfall
so decide now, to count life in hours and not years
nobody alive on this day will be here at the end of all.

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