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My pains as a writer are uncountable but I will list few. Different writers have different methods they enjoy writing, some enjoy paper writing, some enjoy typewriting and some enjoy both.

I'm among writers that enjoy typewriting, I don't do paper writing hence without a phone or laptop, I can't write.
There are times I have inspiration to write, my brain is flowing and my hand is itching to be on the keyboard but my phone is battery low. Before I eventually charge the phone, the inspiration is gone and my brain is calm. Other times my phone is full and I have inspiration but I feel too lazy to write, I just want to lay and roll on the bed and not type. I want to chat, I want to read a book and so on. Laziness and fatigue won't just let me write hard as I try and when the laziness is gone, the inspiration may also be gone.

It's shocking to say that I spent two years plus to write as a blogger but that's the truth. Laziness, fatigue and unsteady inspiration contributed to that. Even delays in dropping of posts is also caused by the same thing. Ever felt like you are going mad, your head is on heat and your brain feels like they are turning? That's how I do feel after completing a long write.

I wanted to please my audience because I didn't upload anything for long, I felt the delay will make me lose audience. I decided to open a new document and write somethings about an amazing idea that once dropped in my mind, I opened a new document. Inspiration came and my brain flowed. My hand was on the keyboard typing and typing. I didn't know it was late into the night until my mum came into my room and asked that I drop phone and go to bed.

The moment I saved the file and dropped my phone, I felt a sudden sensation in my brain like someone set fire on my head. I felt my head expand twice bigger than the normal size. I managed to drag myself to my bed and laid down and sleep took the disaster away. It has happened several times but the mentioned one turned out to be the worst. I pray for a very understanding wife, a kind of wife that will wake up at midnight and caught me with a phone talking to myself and not get scared or find it bizarre.

When inspiration comes, I talk to myself, Sometimes I even laugh when I imagine and write. Watching me when I write, you will think I'm crazy that's why I like to write inside my room. When writing, I lock myself inside my room so nobody will come in and stop the flow of ideas coming in.

Like I said, my pains as a writer is uncountable and if I wanna write it all, nobody will be able to read to the end.
In conclusion, being a writer isn't easy. It's a stressful work so when next you enjoy a beautiful writeup on any social media, please just try and punch the reaction button because a lot of mind stress is used to bring that out.

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