Behind the Mask


you only see the smiles
that travel the miles of your eyes
you only behold the comeliness
that set in the corners of your eyes
but you missed the reservoir of tears
leaden at the corner of my eyes with fears

I am a black boy with many a laughter
while my soul is resign in pains
and hurts and rafters of wounds
you may trace the beauty of the mien
but you miss the heaviness of
my facial contours

my smile is a mask concealing many pains
of fakes smiles and lies and hypes
coursing the paths of my veins
of deceit and conceit and exit
that find habitation in my countenance

I have travelled many a path of pains
betrayal and hurts and smarting dots
if you could read my scars
you will find a star in every scar
my scars are made of letters
wrapped in the cellophane of pains

let me tell you about you
you that stole my heart and returned a dart
let me expose your lies
you that seized my smile and run a mile
let me unearth your hurt
you that ignited a candle but hid the flame
you're the pain behind my masked smile

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06.10.2019 01:50

Beautiful write

Posted using Partiko Android

07.10.2019 02:33