Another Rainy Day

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The roofing sheets tremble in apprehension of heavy rain
With the wooshing, and swooshing breeze this morning
The impulse of tears, hurrying across the sapphire plain
The whole community is conquered without any warning

A vengeful weather so glorious and aggressive cries today
The first drops drop like the river Nile with a great army
On a conquest, I guess it's going to be another rainy day
And I thought August would come with a break, it's funny

The dominion of the morning light is quickly overthrown
And all the activities of the waking world are interrupted
Caught in the ceaseless feud of water, sun, for the throne
Even the movement of the beasts on the field is disrupted

The inevitable gap between the poor and the rich is clear
As leaking roofs give homes no peace, like warring tribes
I guess this day is going to be another rainy day, oh dear
We that draw richness from the soil, what about our jobs?

What will we do with our lives this morning? O dear Lord
The ambitious heavens want to leave us entrapped home
Falling like grains from Sennar, a blue tale without word
The chill runs a marathon on my bones, and I'm all alone

The casual observer, I am so astonished like my birthday
The ability of the sky to affect the earth so much, so deep
Pouring madly, I guess it is going to be another rainy day
Way too mean to dance in, even the children can only peep

Completely hidden from the eye of the sun and the moon
Isolated in a big community, in a small state, in Nigeria
Even our umbrellas seem inferior, blowing up like a tune
Growing miseries, the water is climbing fast like bacteria

In distant regions over the forest, it falls like a drunkard
And the superiority of the human mind, is kept at bay
Many are the places to go, but the azure has us captured
More and more, I guess it's going to be another rainy day.

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06.08.2019 18:01