My Actifit Report Card: December 18 2019

Oh my feet - walk now as well as you can
Heed unto the calls of the voice in Spokane
There is something great about this evening
A beautiful fulfillment of colorful lightning

Oh my hands - touch now as well as you can
A little here and there as gentle as a woman
Build your dreams - upon this sapphire sky
Reach out for even the stars, o you must try

Oh my eyes - gaze now as well as you can
The last days of summer, and the snowman
For the gray moon is approaching very fast
Look, at the happy crows on the field so vast

Oh my tongue - taste now as well as you can
The parting wind and the sea, like a sampan
Drink and graze, kiss and caress all of desire
Never be out of work, till the everlasting fire

Oh my ears - listen now as well as you can
The sounds of heaven and the voice of man
The miracles of science, the melodies of love
And everything between the earth and above

Oh my mind - dream now as well as you can
Wear yourself out on wind like a turbine fan
Get by all night long on reality, and thought
Side with passion even on days of distraught

For the sun will rise one day and we'll be gone
Indefinitely profound - like a forgotten dawn
So travail now as well as you can, be unusual
Understanding every-thing, to be perceptual.

Daily Activity, Walking

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