My Actifit Report Card: December 16 2019

Can I tell you something?

Have you noticed the year is coming to an end. You have dreams and set out goals you haven't attained, yes I know. But should I shock you why you must be grateful?

A man lost his wife yesterday in a delivery room after six years of fruitless marriage

A boy was knocked down by a vehicle on his way to receive a scholarship award

A final year student died while trying to defend his seminar and to tidy up his research project

A woman was killed with three school children trying to cross the road

A man is in the hospital bed being fed through pipe

Another is paying bill to breathe oxygen

Someone is roaming the street aimless and insane

Another is in the gutter searching for disposed food to eat

But here you are alive and healthy and sane. You should be grateful for God is faithful to you.

Daily Activity, Running, Walking

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