A Date With The Billionaire Daughter (Movie Review)


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I was less busy today because we actually have few lectures to cover before the semester runs out, so I decided to start watching movies. I came across a nollywood movie yesterday which I watch and it was titled “Dating A Millionaire Daughter” , the movie was really interesting to watch. It was all about a millionaire daughter who was every harsh with everyone she came across both at home and in her father’s company where she works as the managing director. I wasn’t surprised at her behavior because most rich kids behave the same way especially the pampered one but at some point, I was shocked. She slapped the house boy because she saw a scratch on the car while he was watching it and also the house girl who wanted to receive her husband call while serving her oranges. Funniest part is that both her mum and dad weren’t harsh the way she was. They were not happy about her behavior at home and at work.

She instructed the company gateman never to keep her outside within 5 seconds and the day the gateman mistakenly kept her waiting, she slapped him and told him to frog jump twenty times. She sacked a worker who ask for some days off work with the reason her mother was sick and needed urgent attention. Even though this millionaire daughter is beautiful, she was suffering from a disease which according to her isn’t life threaten, she always bleed through her mouth and nose and she had to be on medication most of the time. Anytime she is bleeding, she wont allow anybody to take care of her apart from her mum and she always claim maybe because she ate something her body is irritated to. Things started getting more interesting when she fell in love with a worker who she slapped when he mistakenly bumped into her, it all happens when he saved her in the office while she was bleeding and after that day, he talked sense into her the day she was insulting an old man who was one of the company client. The man needed assistance with his account and came to meet the girl directly, but instead of helping, she insulted him and this other guy abuse her by talking harshly to her.

After sometime, she started having feelings for this guy, she didn’t know why, she thought because no one ever standup and talk to her that way. To cut the long story short, they both were deeply inlove but her parent wont allow him to marry her, they were the one who chased all her lovers away because of a secret reason they didn’t want to tell their daughter. She stood up for her love and eventually he impregnated her and the parent have to open up to both of them.

The disease she was suffering from all this while was leukemia which medically refers to cancer of the blood cell. May be I will talk about the disease someday, most thought it is life threaten and is the end of life. There are some expert out there who can treat a leukemia patient and she will be alright. That what end the movie, she was treated by an expert after surgery was performed and she live happily with her husband.

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Without watching the movie yet, I already have some understand about it. Thanks for the review

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