THE DIARY GAME SEASON 3: // Thursday January 07- 2021 DIARY BY @val123 (SET AT 100% POWER UP)

Location: Immaculate aba
Date: 07/01/2021
Time: 10:02pm
Diary game.

Good evening my fellow steemians,
I wake up at about 06:55am and I do my morning prayer, and I also read my Bible, then I rush into bathroom to take bath and start preparing for work, and I left the house at about 07:25am, since this week I have been go to work late, just because I didn't set my alarm clock, which I decide to do now, at least it will helps me to be waking up very early in the morning; And I arrived in the office at about 08:02am I was late in the office today and this is the picture that I snap in the office.



Then at about 02: 50pm I was hungry

I was feeling hungry and I went outside unfortunately I saw okpa woman and I was happy because at least this one will hold me till I close work; well in all things I glorified the name of lord for the fruitful day and grateful; thanks for taking your time.
I also appreciate the wonderful efforts of:

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Nice diary post like it has been mice reading your post thanks for sharing

07.01.2021 22:28