THE DIARY GAME SEASON 3: //INTRODUCTION //Saturday January 02- 2021 DIARY BY @val123 (SET AT 100% POWER UP)

Location: immaculate aba
Date: 02/01/2021
Good evening my fellow steemians,
I wake up this morning at about 06:23am and I do my morning prayer, after that I have to start washing my clothes.
Then after washing I have to prepare for my breakfast and my breakfast is this
Then after my breakfast, I have to go and cut my hair just to look good small and this is the picture I snap when I was still in the saloon and when I have cut my hair finished on my way home,


Then as I came back, I took my bath, then start I putting the wall paper that I bought since last 3weeks, and I have been waiting for the day I will have chance to put it, that's.


Thanks for taking your time to read my diary for today; and although as we are still on holiday period I want to use it to do a lot of work in house, thanks for your time.

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Hello val123!

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02.01.2021 21:40

Nice wall paper. They look nice. Being anticipating how to pick up some of late. For your day , I know it was well spent. AtleaSt you've had your new year hair cut.
Thanks for sharing @val123
Keep Enjoying your meal alone.

02.01.2021 21:44

Please just keep the food for me ,i love food😁😁😁 and you had a nice haircut dear...

03.01.2021 13:17


03.01.2021 19:47