THE DIARY GAME SEASON 3: // Monday January 04- 2021 DIARY BY @val123 (SET AT 100% POWER UP)

Location: immaculate aba
Date: 04/01/2021
Time: 09:05pm
Diary game

Good morning all,
How was your night, last night weather was so hot and if not for the help of power holding I could have not sleep but thank God for light that
the brought when is needed, I wake up 06:03am and I do my morning prayer, and still on my break to resume work from tomorrow, although today am not going anywhere, after this report I will go and brush my teeth and wash my face too, before going to kitchen and prepare my breakfast which I don't even know what am go to eat this morning, well let me rest before I will thinking of what am going to eat,
I was in house, this morning and I have an urgent call from office, that I should come to the office immediately, so I have to jump up and rush into the bathroom to take my bath, after that I have to take my leave to work.

as I justed finished preparing for work, I have to do fast and enter keke rushing to the office so that I will meet up with the call that the are calling me in the office,

Guess what am in the office, doing Office work trying to do my office work and am here to kick off for this year work; and if the told me that I will resume today, I won't even believe it, well thanks for taking your time to go through my diary.

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Nice diary from you @val123

You had a fruitful day.God is the giver of life and as such HE deserves the credit for everything.

I suggest you put title to your pictures to make it more appealing.Also try to format your work.

Do have a beautiful night rest.


04.01.2021 21:28

Ok, thanks.

05.01.2021 02:56