THE DIARY GAME SEASON 3: // Friday January 08- 2021 DIARY BY @val123 (SET AT 100% POWER UP)

Location: Immaculate abaDate: 08/01/2021
Time: 09:27pm
Diary game.

Good evening all,
I wake up this morning at about 06:33am, and I do my morning prayer and also read my Bible, I commit all my today's activity unto God hands let he take control of everything, because my Bible told me that when one is with God, he is with majority, that's why every morning I have to pray before going out;

I left my house at about 07:21am and I arrived in the office at about 07:46am, and that's the picture that I snap when I was in the office, and I do my job very successfully, then I work at about 05:48pm, and when was about to go remember that I have not recharge my gotv and I have to stop at gotv office, do my subscription although there is no much crowd like last month been December and the customer care attend to me very fast.
This is the picture that I snap when I was still there, well thanks for taking your time to go through my diary game.
I also appreciate the wonderful efforts of:

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That's beautiful at @val123, you really had a wonderful day.
You did well to pray and go out thank you so much for sharing.....hope your outing was successful.
Best regards.

onepercent #nigeria

09.01.2021 04:19

I don't oke with morning prayer. Sometimes, I sleep off without praying at night, but anytime I wake up, be it mid-night, I pay my debt. But most importantly, I don't forget praying in the morning.

You had a great day bro. Stay kool and remain blessed. One love from ckole the laughing gas.

09.01.2021 17:45