THE DIARY GAME SEASON 3: //First Sunday of the year// January 03- 2021 DIARY BY @val123 (SET AT 100% POWER UP)

Location: Immaculate aba
Date: 03/01/2021
Time: 07:40pm
Diary game, first Sunday of the year.
Good evening my fellow steemians,
I wake up this morning around 06:42am, and do my morning prayer, then after the morning devotion, I have to continue my sleep again.

So I have to remember that today is the first Sunday of the year, and I suppose to go to church and is not easy for me to see today been first Sunday, so I have start preparing for church.


This is the picture that I have snap, when am about to go to church and on my way to church.
And I reach church in time, and I have to look for comfortable place and sit even before the Rev father came in.

Sorry, I forgot to mention the name of my church initially, mean why the name of my church is SS ANTHONY & JUDE catholic church umungasi parish aba, we started mass by 10:00am dot and close at 12:15pm service was so sweet and I enjoy it, thanks for taking your time to read my diary.

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