My timeline for Steemit lid report for today 19/12/2020 by @val123

Good morning my follow steemians,
Location: immaculate aba
Date: 19/12/2020
Time: 07:06am
First lid


Hello guys, how was your night, mine was awesome to extend i slept and forget that am going to work today, and beside is this morning that we are having the management meeting and so as I notice that am late I have to stand up and do my morning prayer, then rush inside bathroom and take my bath and am ready for work, see you guys in my next lid thank you.
Location: Cameroun road, aba
Date: 19/12/2020
Time: 08:30am
Second lid



Hello guys,
I just arrived in the office, to notice that our security is not around, and nobody knows his way about then I have to called him and he said that he just went out to eat and he will be back shortly, and there's no light in the office so I have to go and on the generator, thanks for your time I will give you more update in my next lid.
Location: Cameroun road aba
Date: 19/12/2020
Third lid



Hello guys,
Do you imagine that abia state, it doing there cleanup today and I didn't even know because there sanitation start from 9:00am to 11:00am and I left house 08:07am, reaching my office and my co workers were saying that today is cleanup and that is why some of them have not come to work, am just in my office only me, thanks see you guys in next lid.

Location: office, Cameroun road aba
Date: 19/12/2020
Time: 02:12pm
Fourth lid
After management meeting refreshment


Hello guys,
Thank God for the successful meeting today, then after the meeting we have to take refreshment, then I have to go back to work.
Thanks see you guys in my next lid.
Location: Azuikwe road aba
Date: 19/12/2020
Time: 05:43pm
Finial lid


Hello guys,
Good evening all,
Am done for today's work, then on my way go home to rest at least I have try for today, although I didn't do much work today, the meeting took all my time today, well thank God for everything.
Thanks for taking your time.

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@val123. Thank God, you had a good day. but at the end of the day you accomplished something.

21.12.2020 13:13

It is good to relax after multitasking during the day
Best regards



21.12.2020 20:08