My timeline for Steemit lid report for today 18/02/2021 by @val123

Location: Immaculate aba
Date: 18/02/2021
Time: 05:57am
1st lid report
Good morning my fellow steemians,
How was your night, I hope your night was good, mine was awesome.
Although I wake up late today, I over sleep today and wake up at about 05:57am, and said my morning prayer and also read my bible and then start preparing for work, already am late so I have to do everything am doing fast just for me to meet up, and I went into the bathroom, take my bath and also brush my teeth and now am dressing up well see you guys in my next lid and have a nice day.

Location: Ehi road aba
Date: 18/02/2021
Time: 08:55am
2nd lid report
Hello guys,
As I finished preparing for work, and left my house at about 07:10am, and reaching my office was around 07:36am and then office, went out to take my breakfast which was rice and beans with meat so that's what I have for my breakfast please stay tuned for more update thank you.
Location: office, Cameroun road aba.
Date: 18/02/2021
Time: 04:20pm
3rd lid report
Hello guys,
How are you doing, I hope you are doing great.
I was in my office working and then decide to come outside let sun shine at me beside I have been in the office since morning and I have been in air conditioner ( A.C ) and I come outside to see some boys that are doing offloading and I was watching then and I decide to snap then picture for my lid report, well thanks and stay tuned for more update.
Location: office, Cameroun road aba.
Date: 18/02/2021
Time: 04:49pm
4th lid report
Good evening my fellow steemians,
As I was still outside taking fresh air there is one african salad woman that normally pass our office every evening came and I ask her to give me ugba with kpomo which I eat and I enjoy it, well stay tuned for more update thank you.

Location: Immaculate aba.
Date: 18/02/2021
Time: 07:42pm
5th lid report
Hello guys,
As I finished eating my ugba, I went inside and waited small and within a short period I closed work and then left my office, then enter mini bus that is going to my destination that is immaculate Junction, and on my way coming back I snap a picture that's when am still in the bus.

And then reaching my house, I remember that I have not done my spotlight report, then I have to snap it picture.



Well thank you for taking your time to read my post for today, see you guys tomorrow.
I also appreciate the wonderful efforts of:

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Woow..nice piece..but I love the african salad better

18.02.2021 22:47