My timeline for Steemit lid report for today 15/12/2020 by @val123

Good morning all,
My night was great, what about yours?
Location: Cameroun road, aba abia state
Date: 15/12/2020
Time: 09:14am
I woke up around 5:30am, I do my morning prayer and I took my bath after that I went to work; and right now am in the office trying to fix things, see you guys later.

Hello everyone, am to give my second lid report for the day.
Location: Cameroun road, aba
Date: 15/12/2020
Time: 10:29am
It is breakfast time and I feel so hungry now although I suppose to have been eaten since before now but I didn't due to busy that l am;
See you guys later thank you.


Hello guys, good afternoon
Location: Cameroun road aba
Date: 15/12/2020
Time: 12:37


As I told you before that am in the office, and so much busy working, I just want to use this opportunity to report my third lid.

Hello guys good evening from here,
Location: Cameroun road aba
Date: 15/12/2020
Time: 17:09pm


Am still in the office but very tried and about to start going house, I want to use this opportunity to post my fourth lid.

Hello guys,
Location: Immaculate aba
Date: 15/12/2020
Time: 19:13pm
My final lid for the day
Am back from work, after the stressed day in office, well thank God for everything.


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15.12.2020 19:44


16.12.2020 01:49

@val123, nice report here.
Though you had a busy day, but it was not badly stressed. Just your normal office work.
Meanwhile, that meal there is so tempting.
Thanks for sharing your LID timeline with us.
Best regards



15.12.2020 20:42

Thanks dear

16.12.2020 01:48

Awesome Day

15.12.2020 20:50

Nice report from you @val123

You had quite a beautiful day.

You have shown a high level of seriousness on Steemit.I hope you will sustain the momentum.

onepercent #nigeria

15.12.2020 20:57

Sir physics and momentum easy oo

15.12.2020 21:17

Yes, ooo I don't joke with what even I have started

16.12.2020 01:47

Nice one @val123 am glad you picked up too fast carry on with the pace you will surely make huge benefit from the path you've chosen

15.12.2020 21:18

Ok, thank you

16.12.2020 01:45

Its good to see that your day went well.
Well-done @val123

15.12.2020 21:59


16.12.2020 01:44

Each time I read your location I think you're in Cameroon. I never knew there's a street in Naija called Cameroun (the French spelling for Cameroon). Your breakfast looks so inviting and you had a great day at work too. Thanks for sharing your day with us

twopercent #cameroon

16.12.2020 02:45