My timeline for Steemit lid report for today 06/01/2021 by @val123

Location: Immaculate aba
Date: 06/01/2021
Time: 06:48am
1st lid
Early morning selfie


Good morning my follow steemians,
How was your night, mine was so good, although I have a running stomach last night, but am okay this morning, I wake up at about 06:48am, I do my morning prayer and take my bath and also prepare for work, see you guys in my next lid thank you.
Location: Immaculate aba
Date: 06/01/2021
Time: 07:26am
2nd lid report



Hello guys,
How are you doing, I left the house at about 07:26am and am about to keke that will take me to immaculate Junction aba, then from immaculate Junction, I will be heading to Cameroun road, where my office is located, thanks see guys in my next lid.

Location: Immaculate aba
Date: 06/01/2021
Time: 11:04am
3rd lid report


Hello guys, sorry for posting this lid late, this is the first meeting of the year with my momo canvasser, which we are discussing how to achieve our goal this year, and we ask them there challenges over last year and the even brought there suggestions, thanks.
Location: Gabby fuel station, umugasi aba.
Date: 06/01/2021
Time: 05:49pm
Fourth lid


Hello guys,
Good evening all,
How was your day, mine was good, I close work at about 05:45pm today, and this is when I was coming back from work so I have to snap that picture and the location is Gabby fuel station at umugasi aba, see you guys in my next lid thanks.
Location: Immaculate aba
Date: 06/01/2021
Time: 07:15pm
Final lid



Hello my fellow steemians,
I just came back from work and there is light but my switch it not working, so i took my tools that is my screw driving, just to dictate where the problem is from, and after that I was able to repair it, thank you for taking your time.

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Thanks for sharing your dairy with us. But are you an electrician? If not please be careful with those wires.

Take care of yourself

06.01.2021 21:14

Yes, that's my work.

06.01.2021 21:27