My timeline for Steemit lid report for today 03/02/2021 by @val123

Location: Immaculate aba
Date: 03/02/2021
Time: 05:33am
1st lid report



Good morning all,
How was your night, I hope is was good, mine was awesome.
I slept like a baby last night, and wake up very healthy.
And I checked my Steemit account, to check whether there is any update.
And I drank my Ginger tea as usual, do my morning devotion, then start preparing for work, and today I have a lot of work to do and I will be go to money exchange to change some money, well stay tuned for more update, and have a nice day thank you.

Location: Clifford road aba.
Date: 03/02/2021
Time: 09:25am
2nd lid report
Hello guys,
It a breakfast time, am having my breakfast with rice and beans with meat, it look yummy, then after eating, guess what next it to face my work, and then may be for some hours, like around 10:30am, I will be going to exchange as I said before.
Thanks see you guys in my next lid.
Location: office, Cameroun road aba
Date: 03/02/2021
Time: 12:03pm
3rd lid report



Good afternoon all,
My fellow steemians how are you doing, I hope you are doing great.
My day is going well, and we are about to go to meeting, and we are having TDR meet with our southeast manager and the meeting went well, thanks for time.
Stay tuned for more update.
Location: office, Cameroun road aba.
Date: 03/02/2021
Time: 04:46pm
4th lid report
Good evening all,
How is your day going, I hope is was good.
I have been working since morning and I didn't go anywhere, am in my office and this is the picture that I snap, stay tuned for more update.
Location: Immaculate aba
Date: 03/02/2021
Time: 08:13pm
5th lid report
Good evening all,
How was your day, I hope is was okay.
Am just coming back now and I remember, the today task, and then I have to snap my gas cylinder for my report, and this is all I have for lid report for today.
Thank you for taking your time to read my post.
I also appreciate the wonderful efforts of:

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"I slept like a baby and woke up" ....Really ..No opportunity to express ones self but it's it's well....How're your worries

03.02.2021 21:31