My introduction post to steemit by val123 mentor by@ cryptokannon

Acquisition of true knowledge indeed brings excitement without resentment therefore am so elected to be a part of this community without regret I have heard and seen a great deal of resonating exploit initiated by member of this great community, I really appreciate being here in consonance to contribute to it's growths and development.
GET TO KNOW WHO I AMI am okeke ifeanyi valentine by name, I hail from a nuclear family from imo state in nigeria, from a community called Arondizuogu in okigwe LGA. I'm fair if you meet me in person and an average height of 5.99feet. no disability, am always optimistic, cheerful, jovial, serious minded and most times humorous.IMG_20201129_154827_041.jpgMY CAREERFrom my childhood I was so crafty when it comes to construction, I do help my friend in making certain invention, but when I was looking for admission in high institution my first choice was mechanical engineering and second was computer engineering and my last choice is electrical engineering, but electrical engineering was selected for me, currently am a graduate of electrical and electronics engineering from federal polytechnic nekede owerri imo state,I really have passion and admire my professionIMG_20201102_112837_596.jpgMY HOBBIESFrom my tender age I always like driving and it made me to feel so special and I really have passion for swimming the age of 12 till date, i like swimming, you can even see me while driving.IMG_20201121_121826_553.jpgFAMILYIn mine family we are seven and we are four boys and three girls and am the senior.MY PURPOSE FOR JOINING STEEMITAs a young man I always love where positive things happen and I love creating impacts even where there are good legacies on ground am really here to contribute to the great innovation already in place to the best of my personal human endorsement without retreat and to gain little or encourage appreciate from the system and the community at large.HOW I KNEW STEEMITA good sameritan, sister and friend of mine ceendy20 told me about this great innovation and I was inspired to join it, so she was the one that gave me a clue to this social invention.Finally am grateful to everyone bacause I may not be here if you had not been here I really appreciate for your patience in going my work and I will ever be grateful for your support.

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Hi @val123

Welcome to this platform.

"May your arrival be auspicious and fruitful. Use your talent and creativity here."

You can take part in The Diary Game which is permanent now. I think you are capable to create your valuable blog on Steemit. Follow @steemitblog for latest update.

Click here to see - How to write a good content, How to add your location in your post, How to set your post to 100% power up & How to participate in "Project Affable" compiled by @eh-shohag.

Be happy and energetic. See you soon.

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14.12.2020 13:05

Dear @val123

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Greetings friend @val123.

Welcome to our Steemit platform, I am glad you have joined us and want to share publications with original content and quality.

I am pleased to see that you have met Achievement 1, so it is my duty to let you know that you should review the content of Achievement 2 and meet its requirements in order to move forward and increase the opportunity to receive support from "Steem Greeters" and be eligible to apply for "500SP minnowsupport.

Remember to use the #achievement2 and #nigeria tags and post from the Newcomers' Community.

I'm @adeljose, Venezuela Representative at Steemit, our desire is to help you grow in this platform, so I want to invite you to be part of Newcomers' Community managed by @cryptokannon.

I invite you to visit the @steemitblog account and find out what the Steemit platform has in store for you.




14.12.2020 14:09

It has been voted by @adeljose and I am voting with Steemit Community Curator @steemcurator03, it counts to support newcomers entering steemit.

Follow @steemitblog for the latest update on Steem Community.

14.12.2020 14:19

You are welcome to Steemit, you made a right choice by joining.

14.12.2020 19:41

You are welcome to steemit my friend, its a place that you will like. Just share your quality and original contents and earn $$$ to your wallet.

Welcome once again and steem on!

14.12.2020 19:43

Congratulations @val123 on joining Steemit.You have found the right niche.

I hope you follow @steemitblog for the latest happenings in Steemit.
Do well to join the ongoing diary game.


onepercent #nigeria

14.12.2020 19:45

@val123 You're much welcome to this platform and for sure you're gonna experience a lot of surprises with increase financially

14.12.2020 19:52

Congratulation and welcome, am glad you have take a huge step in joining this wonderful community. Do make sure you follow @steemitblog and do make sure to take part in lid report and #thediarygame



14.12.2020 20:02

Hi @val
nice to meet you, this is the best platform where you can explore into many beautiful things, many communities where you can see other people's posts as well as share ur own posts, learn new things, learn about other countries in the world, meet different people across the globe and learn about their ways of life.

You are most welcome and I urge you to participate in everything, contests and #diarygames, support your community @steemalive and do well to be active.

Best regards......!

14.12.2020 20:54

You're welcome here @val123. Nice joining this community.

14.12.2020 20:55

@val123, you are welcome to steemit.
Take your time, explore and enjoy the good things here.
Visit @steemitblog for more updates, as well as join contest as you had been told before.
Best regards



14.12.2020 21:03

Congratulations on your completion of the achievement1,you are welcome to this great community @val123.

14.12.2020 21:29

Hi! Welcome to the #steemit. Feel free to roaming around while you find what's best for you. Have a nice day!


14.12.2020 22:43

Hi @val123 ya much welcome to steemit community.

15.12.2020 12:07

This post has been rewarded by @focusnow from @steemcurator04 Account with support from the Steem Community Curation Project."

Keep posting good content and follow @steemitblog for more updates. Keep following all the rules in the Diary Game, as well as improving your Diary post content to get more attention. Thank you, Steemit Team!

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