My childhood prank location: immaculate aba, date: 16/12/2020, time: 11:55pm


Good evening all,
My prank,
Am from in imo state,
But I was born in aba abia state in nigeria.
My childhood I play so much, to the stage that mum flogged me all most everyday and put fear on me, the worst part is that when am still small am not strong, even my age mate beat me, sometime I remember those things that happened when I was still small I laugh to the extend I wonder whether it can happen now, do you imagine that my mom even flogged me to go and fight back and the funniest part it that anytime I wanted to fight back I will start crying and I will be shouting nmma so that she will come and help me, untill one day I wise up and strong non of my mate can beat, I even fight my senior God forgive me.
And another thing is that when I was small, I like football so much, I can play ball from morning to night am okay with that, to extend that my mom will give me a domestic work to do at home but I will leave it and go out and start playing football and when I will remember my self, will be in evening, when my mom is about to come back from market; then what I will do it to hang outside and I will be there for my dad to come back home because if my dad it around my mom will not flogged me, unless it should be the next morning by that time my dad have left the house.. well that's my childhood prank#twopercent#nigeria.

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