Indians who live abroad is best solution to transfer their money to their nation by evens coin

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Shanka, an Indian programmer working in Korea,He spent my monthly salary through the bank. but The bank doesn't exchange rupees right away. It has to be converted to rupee through the U.S. Bank(Almost Commission rate is 10~15%)

It takes a lot of time and time.

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But what if Shanka uses the Evens wallet? March 9, 2019, 4:23:1 million won, Korea money. At that time, it was 61732.21 rupee.

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The app is simply sending money. Technically, it has the following process:

First of all, I Purchase Evens Korea Coupon (ecsh). And convert to rupee coupon (ecash). At this time, the coupon for the Evenscoin is on the exchange.for example IDAX) Buy an Evens. Corresponding Evens Handover If you're listed on the exchange, you'll have to switch to rupee immediately.
Then you can withdraw the rupee.

Of course, if this is to become a reality, Technology is not the problem. main problem is exchange laws, and exchanges within India. But if you do this, a lot of Indians will be able to do it. There are tremendous benefits to them

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