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pocketsend:11@vairon, play around with the token of fun - POCKET!

14.01.2020 23:36

Successful Send of 11
Sending Account: pode
Receiving Account: vairon
New sending account balance: 249158
New receiving account balance: 300
Fee: 1
Steem trxid: abe2afa32a09820ec9ae2530399773901de8374e
Thanks for using POCKET! I am small bot and I am running this confirming code.

15.01.2020 00:53

According to the Bible, Why is there death if there is God? (Part 1 of 3)

(Sorry for sending this comment. We are not looking for our self profit, our intentions is to preach the words of God in any means possible.)

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14.01.2020 23:44