Your Best Holidays Contest - My Entry - Kerala

Hello, fellow Steemit users. Vacations bring a new sense of amusement and excitement to us. As it is in the modern world, the lives of people have become more and more hectic. A trip to somewhere in your holidays is a must for everyone to refresh themselves. From planning and packing to outing and exploring it all brings a lot of fun to us. Now, I am going to narrate one such holiday experience.

I took a trip with my family and their friends to Kerala in January this year. The trip was just absolutely amazing and I do really want to visit that place again. I am going to now tell everyone a bit about it.


The evening view at Kovalam Beach at Kovalam in Kerala

First, we took a flight to Kochi, one of the cities in the state of Kerala. We reached the city in the evening and checked into our hotel. As we were already tired and exhausted from the long flight. The next day we woke up early and left for Munnar. On our way to Munnar, we did some sightseeing. We visited a place with a small but beautiful waterfall. Then when we reached Munnar, we went for the jeep ride there to the beautiful locations in the forest and hills. We stayed in a jungle resort in Munnar. There were cottages surrounded by trees, rather a forest. We faced some issues with the network there.


At the waterfall



The next day we went to the amusement park in Munnar. I had the most fun there. I practically went on all the rides. It was really enjoyable. Then we went for a boat ride in a lake there. After all of this, we went back to our resort. The very next day we went to Thekkady. It is a small town in Kerala. We visited the markets there and did some shopping. In the evening we watched two shows, the first was of the traditional Kathakali dance and the second was of the Kalaripayattu warriors. Both were amazing but I extremely enjoyed the second one. The fighters were just mind-blowing. Their martial arts skill was just extraordinary. Then we went back to the hotel. The next early morning at around 5 am, we left for the jungle safari there. There was fog and the weather was cold. Nevertheless, it was fun and we got to see some very beautiful sites and a few animals. Then, we went to the hotel to check out and leave for Madurai.


At the Amusement Park


With a Kathakali Dancer


At the Dhanushkoti Beach


At the Dhanushkoti Beach

We reached Madurai and visited the Meenakshi temple there. Then, the next day we went to Rameshwaram. First, went to the Dhanushkoti beach there. The beach borders India and Sri Lanka. We had a lot of fun in the waters there. Then we visited the Rameshwaram Temple. After that, we went back to the hotel. The next day we went to Kanyakumari, the southernmost tip of India. We visited the temple there, Then, we had some fun at the seaside port. There were many markets there, another reason to do some shopping. After getting tired we went back to the hotel. We slept early as the next morning we went to visit the Vivekananda Rock. A ferry took us and brought us back from the Rock as it is surrounded by water on all sides. Then we left for Kovalam.


Posing and The Vivekananda Rock in the background


At the Vivekananda Rock


At the Golden Beach


The Kovalam Beach

On our way to Kovalam, we visited the Golden Beach. It was really beautiful. The sand there indeed made it look golden. We reached Kovalam in the evening and visited the Kovalam Beach there. After that, we went back to our hotel. The next day we left for Alleppey. Alleppey is famous for its houseboat rides in the backwaters there. Hence, we went straight to our houseboat there. It was a Monday journey on waters. The houseboat had everything. It was really nice. I enjoyed spending the day there. The next morning the houseboat brought us to the shore. We left for Kochi from there. From Kochi we caught our flight and came back home.


The Houseboat


The interior of the Houseboat


A view from the Houseboat

That is all I had to tell for the trip. I hope everyone enjoyed reading it.

At last, I would like to thank @steemit, @belenguerra and @fendit for organizing this wonderful contest.

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¡Me gusto este lugar amigo! el vestuario de la bailarina de Kathakali es muy colorido, se ve rico lo de la casa flotante, ¡Se nota que la pasaste muy bien! ...


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Thanx for the visit and yes I had a great time :)

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Thank you very much for sharing!

09.12.2020 21:44

My pleasure

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Thank you for being part of this contest!! :)

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It was fun

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