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Hello, fellow Steemit users. Christmas is a wonderful tie of the year for everyone. The festival is all about happiness, joy and celebrating it with your family and friends. Now, I am going to narrate how it is celebrated in my city.


For the eve of Christmas, the preparations are made from a week before. People start decorating their shops and houses. Many new Christmas trees are set up at several places and people decorate them very gleefully. The markets are crowded with people purchasing gifts for their loved ones to give to on Christmas. I decorate the Christmas tree at my place with lights and other things the night before. Now, on the day of Christmas, people get up and wish each other. Children roam around the house opening their presents and showing them to others. My mother makes some really good breakfast for everyone. She made chocolate pancakes for everyone. We all had that wonderful breakfast together.


Then, I got ready and went out with my friends. We headed to the Church first in the Hazratganj area. The Church was decorated very beautifully. The flowers, the lights, they all looked very beautiful. Then we walked around the marketplace and visited some shops. The entire place was phenomenally decorated. We had our lunch at a café. Then I headed back to my place as my parents had hosted a party there.


A few of my relatives were there. There were also some neighbors. There were music and food. My relatives had prepared a cake for the occasion. We all danced and had fun. Then there was a picture session. Everyone got together and clicked pictures. Then after everyone had eaten and it was time to go home, we handed them the return gifts.


And that is how I celebrate Christmas at my place. I would like to thank @adeljose and @xpilar for organizing this contest.

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Excellent way to celebrate Christmas, with chocolate on the table.

Thank you for your entry to the contest.

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