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The diary game - 19/10/2020

Hello fellow STeemit users. I am doing good and hope you guys are also well. I will now begin with how my day went.


I woke up at 7 in the morning. I brushed my teeth. I had planned to play football in the morning that day at a park near my friend's house. I quickly changed my clothes and wore my shoes. My friend came on his scooty to pick me up from my house. I left with him for our friend's place. Some of my friends were already gathered there. We waited for a few more to come then the match began.

Around 12 of us had gathered so we divided the teams equally and started playing. We played two matches. One team on each match. At last we had a penalty shootout to decide the winner. My team won by a difference of one goal. I scored four goals in total in both the matches. After that we were all tired and thirsty, so we went to my friend's place nearby for some refreshment. The, we all went back home. My friend dropped me of to my place and headed over to his.


I had a bath quickly and then i sat down to attend the online classes from my college. I was a bit late for them that day. After sitting through those hectic classes, i listened to some music on my headphones. My mother came back home. She had brought some rolls for us. they were very tasty. After that we had some lunch. Then i took an afternoon nap.




I woke up and prepared some tea for everyone. We had it with some snacks. After that i did some assignments from my college. I tried to do them as fast as possible so that i could go for a walk with my friends. Having done them, i went for a walk. We took a few rounds of the park and then sat down on the bench. After that we all went back home. I watched a few lectures from the course on investing i had taken.




My father came back home. WE all had dinner together. After that my parents went for a walk, while i cleaned the table and prepared my bed. My parents came back and went to sleep. I stayed awake for some time and watched a few episodes of the anime Barakamon. It was really a very good anime. I recommend everyone to watch it. I also read a few pages of my novel. Then, i went to sleep.

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