The diary game - 18/10/2020

Hello fellow Steemit users. I am fine and well here and hope you guys are also doing great. I will now begin with how my day went.


woke up at 7 in the morning. The weather is quite cool in the mornings nowadays. I brushed my teeth. My parents were getting ready to leave for work. I went out for a walk with my brother. We did some exercises after taking a few rounds. After that we decided to head back home. My parents left for work. I had a bath to relieve myself from all the sweat. Then i made some pasta for me and my brother as breakfast.


The pasta tasted really good. I enjoyed it while watching some television. Then i attended some online classes from my college.


y classes continued even in the afternoon. They really bored me a lot but i had to attend them. Then i was given some assignments to do. After the classes were over, i watched a few episodes of the anime Kingdom in order to refresh myself. The series is getting really good now. My mother came back home. We all had lunch together. After lunch i helped my mother in cleaning the table. Then i took an afternoon nap.




woke up and prepared some tea for everyone. My cousins were coming home in the evening. We prepared the rooms for everyone. As there was some time for them to come, i went for a walk to my friends. I did not take a lot of time walking and went back home pretty soon. Just a minute i reached home, my cousins and relatives arrived. Everyone gathered in the living room.

We provided them with snacks. My cousins and my brother went to another room to talk. After talking for some time, everyone decided to go out for dinner. We were waiting for my father to arrive. In the meantime, we played some games on my computer. We played counter stririke.


My faer came home. After he had freshen up, all of us left for the restaurant. Everyone ordered different foods to their liking. Me and my cousins ordered some noodles and other dishes. The restaurant was really crowded. We were all lucky to get a big table. After the dinner, everyone decided to go back home as it was getting late. Thereafter, we reached home. My parents went to bed. I stayed awake for some time doing some research on blogging. Then, i went to sleep.


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