The diary game - 15/10/2020

Hello, fellow Steemit users. I am fine and well here and hope you guys are also doing good. I will now begin with how my day went.


woke up at 8 in the morning. After stretching myself and dozing off at the side of the bed, i went out of bed. My parents were getting ready for work. I brushed my teeth and went out for a walk with my brother. The weather was pleasant and I walked for some time. I was a bit excited that day because my friends were coming to my place and we had all decided to do some barbeque in the afternoon. I could not sleep properly due to this excitement. After some time, we went back home.

My parents left for work. I quickly had a bath to refresh myself. Then I laid the breakfast on the table for me and my brother. We had it while watching some stuff on our phones. After that, I attended the online classes from my college which really bored me.


Well, it was afternoon and so was the time for my friends to come to my place. We had the bareque set up in thhe shade in my garden. We had brought chicken, cod drinks, and othher barbeque stuff. We were all talking endlessly. A friend of ine and I prepareed the grill while others prepared the items to be barbequed on the stick. It was really fun doing it. We had laughter and made fun of each other while doing the stuff.


Finally, it was all prepared. We all gathered at the table to eat. It was really very tasty. I had a lot of fun. We clicked many pictures and had a lot of funny moments. We spent the entire afternoon doing this. When it was starting to get late, everyone decided to head back to their omes.


fter my friends hd gone, I cleanedd the table and other things that were lef. Then, I watchedd some online lecture on WordPress which I had bouught on Udemy. They were very good. My mother brought some tea for me. I had it with some snacks. Aftr that, I went foor a walk with my friends. We sat down in the park after taking some rounds. We recommended movies and series to each ther.




My father came back home. We all had dinner together. Then my parents went for a walk. I cleaned the table and prepared my bed. My parents came back and went to sleep. I played the blockchain game Axie Infinity for some time. Aftr that, I watched a few eppisodes of an anime. I was at the climax. I read a few pages of my novel as wel. Then, I went too sleep.

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