The diary game - 12/10/2020

Hello fellow Steemir users. I am fine and well her and hope you guys are also doing good. I will now begin with how my day went.


I woke up at 8 in the morning. I brushed my teeth. I left for a morning walk as usual with my brother. The weather these mornings nowadays is kind of chilly. Not a lot chilly but it feels good to be walking in this weather. I walked for quite some time that day. Then, we did some exercises. I tired myself and then sat on a bench to take some break. Then, we decided to head back home.

My parents left for work. I took a bath as soon as i reached home. I was drenched in sweat and the bath felt really good. I had breakfast after some time. I watched some television while having breakfast. I watched some English movies. After that, i cleaned my room a bit. Then i attended an online class from my college. The class was quite long.


My friend called and asked me if i wanted to have some non veg. I readily agreed and we decided to go to Tunday Kababi. My friend came to pick me up after some time. We left on his scooty. Tunday Kababi is a very famous chain of restaurants in Lucknow. The food served here is one of the specialities of the city of Lucknow. The non veg kebabs served here is hardly a match for any other place.


We went to the the one in Kapoorthala. It was kind of crowded. We ordered some kebabs and roomali roti. The food was served to us in short time. The food was really tasty. We talked also while having it. I ate a lot of roomali rotis with those kebabs. Having eaten the food, we decided to head back home. We also faced some traffic jam on our way back. After dropping me off, my friend also left for his place.




My stomach was already full from this lunch so i did not have anything else at home. I played the blockchain game Axie Infinity for some time. I played both the adventure and arena modes. Then, i went for a walk with my friends. We took a few rounds of the park. Then, i wen back home and did a bit of research on blogging and tried to write a few articles for my blog.


My mother was already home. My father also came back home. Then, we all had dinner together. After dinner, my parents went to sleep. Me and my brother stayed awake. I read some pages of my novel. I also watched a few episodes of the anime Kingdom. It was really interesting. Then, i went to sleep.



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