The diary game - 10/10/2020

Hello fellow Steemit users. I am fine and well and hope the same for you guys. I will just begin with how my day went.


I woke up at 7 in the morning. I went for a morning walk with my brother. The weather was nice. A lot of people had come out for a walk. There was a cool breeze blowing. We also did a couple of exercises. Then, we came back home. My parents were getting ready to leave for work. I brushed my teeth in the meantime. After that my parents left for work. I read some news on my mobile.

Then, i made some breakfast for me and my brother. I made some tea and we had it along with bread and butter. I watched some television while having breakfast. I watched some rom-coms on comedy central. After that i played the game Axie Infinity on my mobile. My friends called after some time. We all decided to go out and have something. Umrao mall was near my place and there they had Burger King, so we all decided to go there.



I reached the mall on my scooty. My friends were waiting there. We entered the mall and went straight into Burger King. There was a small crowd there. The place was nice and cleaned properly. We wasted some time in deciding what to order as there were a lot of exciting deals there. Finally, we agreed on what to order. My friend and i went to place the order for the others as well.



While our order was being prepared, all of us were chatting. We were all discussing how we should keep making some small plans like these at times. After a while, our order came in and we all ate our that delicious meal. The food was very good. Then, we wandered around the mall for some time. After that we went back to our homes.



I did not have any lunch because i was already full. I did some research on my blogging. I then read some articles on the latest developments in cryptocurrency. There were many new games being launched on blockchain. It really interested me and i spent some time reading about them. After that, i went for a walk with my friends. We were discussing about the ipl match yesterday. Then, i came back home.


My parents came back home. My mother made dinner. Then we all had dinner together. My parents then went for a walk and then went back to bed. I read some pages of my novel. After that i watched the second part of the movie The Matrix. It was really good. Then, i went to sleep.


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