The diary game - 01/11/2020

Hello fellow Steemit users. I am fine and well here and hope you guys are also doing good. I will now begin with how my day went.


I woke up at 9 in the morning. The weather is quite chilly nowadays. I brushed my teeth and washed my face. My parents left for work. I went for a little walk with my brother. I came back early because i had my online classes in the morning. I switched on my laptop and logged in for the class. The classes as usual felt boring. I did not have a lot of classes that day. just a few in the morning. There was a break in between, wherein, i had my breakfast.


My parents came back from work. Then they went to visit some of my relatives in the city. I made some maggi for me and my brother. We had it some time before lunch. I watched some television while having it. There were aq lot of boring programs at that time. Then, i played the blockchain game Axie Infinity, for an hour. I cleared a bunch of adventure levels and played a lot of tournament matches. Then, we had lunch. After that i took an afternoon nap.



I woke up and made some tea for me and my brother. I went later for a walk with my friends. WE chatted and took a few rounds of the park. Thereafter i came back home. My parents came back. I watched a few videos on the course of photoshop i had taken. They were really informative. Then i watched a few episodes of the anime Barakamon.




I did some research on blogging. I read a couple of articles online. I also surfed through the internet looking for platforms to write. Then, it was time for dinner. Everyone gathered at the table and we all had dinner together. WE discusses about our day. M y parents then went for a walk. I cleaned up the table and prepared my bed. They came back and went to sleep. I read a few chapters of my novel. They were really good. I watched a few more episodes of the anime. Then, i went to sleep.

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Please put caption on your photos. This post will make it look better.

Keep it up 👍
Thank you for sharing your diary with us
Have a great day👍

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Ok thanx

onepercent #india #affable

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